one little move

my kids are pretty sensitive to what they hear.  when they were a little younger i would play chords and watch their reactions.  what can i say– i am a musician/mad scientist/dad that experiments on his kids.

playing fifths wouldn’t bother them at all- but when i would add a third note into the mix it would change the whole atmosphere.  Playing  E and B together (a fifth for you non-musicians) was safe- but when i added a G it became the spookiest chord of all— the dreaded E minor!!  they would hold their ears and scream “stop daddy!”  hudson would either run out of the room or start crying at the sound of an E minor.

it is amazing what a simple half step move can do. moving the G to a G# made everything better.  everyone was happy and playing again!  they were singing and dancing to the sweet sounds of an E major- but one slight move downward would mean we were in the spook house again… “daddy stop now!!”  the E minor was back.  one little move affected everything.

one little move changed everything.


2 Responses to “one little move”

  1. Danny Willis Says:

    Good thought my friend. I feel you on this. The decisions I make right now will affect everything. I’m staying in the major scale. Love ya!

  2. jacob lowery Says:

    love you too danny….

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