everybody loves raymond (again)

i wrote this last year but thought that it was worth a re-post…

my mom and dad (raymond) are selling their house.  for sale by owner.  the potential buyers gave them a $1000 deposit while they get through the contract and inspection phase.  i was listening to them talk about this stuff and my mom said “well even if they back out we can still keep their $1000!”  then my dad quickly replied back to her, “i’ll give that back to them.  i wouldn’t dare take their money that way.”  and that was it.

a flood of memories rushed through my mind about the generosity of my dad.  raymond lowery was the town barber in DeQuincy LA for 38 years.  he worked tuesday through saturday.  6.30 am til 8pm.  he was funny, fun and trustworthy.  i can remember people coming to our front door many times and asking for mr. raymond.  i’d go get him and hide out so i could listen.  most of them were asking for money to pay the electric bill, rent, water, car—whatever.  i’d watch him sneak away and come back with something to help them out.  he never boasted about what he had done.  i can remember a single mom with three kids that needed a car.  suddenly one sunday at church she appeared with a new car.  i recently found out that he was behind that.  heck–he worked his butt off to support all of us–but he never passed up the opportunity to help someone that needed it.  that was the example i saw growing up. selfless to a fault.  and i think that it is a pretty dang good way to live.

i think that this explains why i get so upset with people that have the power to actually help people and DON’T.  people that have the means but keep them.  people that have ways to change someone’s life with one phone or with one pen stroke.  i can’t understand why a person would be that selfish.

i’m glad my dad set this example for me.  i like giving away stuff.  my time–my talent–my money–i’m a sucker for it.

i believe that when he is gone on to heaven that he’ll be remembered for this way of living.  living the selfless life.

selflessness really seems to be fading away.  especially with this “spooky” economy.

i choose to keep it going.  thanks dad.


One Response to “everybody loves raymond (again)”

  1. Landy Says:

    Ok, so I now have another reason to be a Jacob Lowery fan. I’m just now reading your blogs. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing this one.

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