i’ve been thinking about my instruments.  how each one has its own personality.  how each one is quirky in its own way.

for example– my 73 jazz bass has a broken piece on the bone nut that is glued on.  i just couldn’t make myself replace it when it broke so i just used a little super glue and kept on going.  if you touch the tone knob on the yamaha BB3000 a huge crackle will come crashing through the sound system. my 72 p-bass sounds exactly like a sitar if you dig into the A string on the 13th fret.  my AMAZING old taylor acoustic guitar has a huge dent where i dropped my tuner on it.  ouch.  it also needs new frets.  my martin acoustic guitar sounds AWFUL if it isn’t plugged into a sound system. last but not least there is mr. jereme jeane’s $100 yamaha acoustic guitar.  i play it more than any other instrument at my house.  it has the action of an upright bass and the strings have never been changed— and i LOVE it.

each instrument so different yet each one has something great to offer.  i feel so fulfilled when i am able to make something beautiful happen thru one of these imperfect instruments.

surely that’s how God feels when He gets to use us.


7 Responses to “instruments”

  1. Tim Baggett Says:

    Great analogy. We are imperfect instruments, and we know our flaws and how we got those flaws, and we work through them. Our God knows them also and still uses us. Look through the Word. God worked devine works through those flawed vessels. The majority of the characters came short of perfection and still triumphed. Seems all musicians are flawed instruments playing flawed playing flawed vessels, and we are all greatful and blessed to be doing so.

  2. Jereme Says:

    great thought/word…

    so THAT’s where my guitar is…I knew either you or Kyle had it. 🙂

  3. Rob Steele Says:

    Oh Jacob, it is a wonderful analogy, and I love it. But what if we pushed it a little farther? Unlike the instruments, we have this thing called life, and could it be that we try so hard to play our own music that we are the reason for the imperfections? The Master can make beautiful music come from flawed instruments and that is a marvelous thing, but how much better would it be if we allowed Him total control over our existence and allowed Him to remove those flaws? I know it hurts having them fixed, (I’m still in the shop) but the more He works on us the more pure our tone becomes. Surrendering control is not for wimps, but what a payoff.

  4. LSully Says:

    I love this!!!

  5. adamdrums Says:

    I feel the same way about my drums. Somedays I need a very specific snare to get the sound I want, but even more importantly, the feel. Some of them lend to Hip Hop, some lend to big fat country, it all just changes based on the song. This is a great blog man, keep up the great writing!!

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