home concerts??

i’ve really been thinking about doing some home concerts that are worship times.  when i say home– i mean in someone’s house with a bunch of chairs circled around real close in a living room.

this is by no means an original idea.  i’ve been playing bass with my dear friend and mentor anthony skinner for almost 2 years now and every other week we do a home worship service here in nashville.  it is an awesome thing to experience.  the energy and intimacy of that setting is a great place for some very creative things to happen musically, lyrically and spiritually.

i’ve been talking about making another album and i think that experimenting with this scenario before i record it may be a good idea.  i’m also thinking about doing a “home concert” tour for the album release. probably just me and 2 other guys to keep it easy and organic.

not sure about the finances of it all— but money has never stopped me from being creative!  i know that God will provide the financing when the time is right because He always does.

sooooooo—- i’m open to any thoughts you all have about home concerts.  let me hear what you think and let me hear your ideas. help me out!!!


9 Responses to “home concerts??”

  1. Elizabeth Wharton Says:

    Love that idea! I will be in at least one of those homes!

  2. Linda Madrid Says:

    Interesting. I’ve never heard or experienced a home concert. If you do one in Dallas, we would like to try that out. Sounds like a recipe for creating something great.

    Oh, and about your previous blog post about enemies. As long as you are not creating more enemies for recreation, and your heart is in the right place, you’re good. Many successful people of negative-nancy’s that told them they could not make it. It’s always fun to prove those people wrong! Prove away, Jacob!

    • jacob lowery Says:

      @linda… lets do one at ya’lls house!! i’m ready. i’ll talk with chris…
      as a matter of fact—to anyone that is reading this—if it can be worked out we’ll do one at your house!

  3. Jeremy Foster Says:

    Love it dude.

  4. CJ Jackson Says:

    Good thing to do, bro. Gives you more of a chance to use those other “gifts of the Spirit” that we all know you have.
    I’d be happy to come support you with bgv’s and prayer anytime.

  5. Debi Jones Says:

    We’ve been involved in several house concerts in the Austin area. They are great for both the performers and the audience! Very intimate and moving. You’ll be happy that you did it.

  6. Karyn Cole Says:

    Jacob – Whenever you’re ready, let us know. You can definitely do one at our house. Good living room acoustics… Good spirit dwells here…
    We’ll plan it where you can stay over and lead worship at church on Sunday…

  7. Jereme Says:

    I’m in…. 🙂

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