thankful for enemies

“Choose your enemies carefully because they will define you.  Make them interesting because in some ways they will mind you.  They’re not there in the beginning but when the story ends– they’ll last with you longer than your friends.” –U2 “cedars of lebanon” from the “No line on the horizon” album.

Bono said it well.

an enemy may not look like The Joker from Batman–but he or she may look like your boss–a parent–a teacher in high school–or a kid on the playground in 3rd grade.

now don’t start posting responses that say “just let it go, jake” and “you shouldn’t let that stuff define you.”   this doesn’t define me.  BUT it is a part of me and i think it is a part of all of us.

i’ll admit– a great deal of the fuel that has been in my tank has come from “enemies” that i’ve had.  of course there is a HUGE love that i have for what i do, but the voices of these people always swirl around in my brain– pushing me a little harder to prove them wrong.

i’d like to take a minute to thank all of my enemies.  i thank God that you all have been in my life.  you’ve helped me in so many ways–and i just can’t thank you all enough.  without you i may have settled for less than beyond my best, but you pushed me further.  and for that i am grateful.


13 Responses to “thankful for enemies”

  1. danette Says:

    I’m glad to hear your voice again. You’ve been too long between these blogs.

    • jacob lowery Says:

      @danette— life has been crazy and it’s been tough to put all of the craziness down into a few paragraphs. this one has been in my brain for a looooong time.

  2. stephanie Says:

    It seems to be all part of the master plan of turning bad to good for those who love Him. As much as I’ve been through in recent years, part of me wishes it could all be taken back–that it never happened. But as I move further away from it all, God is faithful and has already begun to use so much of it for my own personal growth and gain. For pushing me forward, for realizing more of my weaknesses–realizing where I could use a little less of me. And in a way, I appreciate that part of my past.

    I must agree and join you by thanking my “enemies” as well. They’ve made me who I am and many doors in my life have opened because of them.

    Great post… thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Richie Allen Says:

    You’re welcome.

    LOL. Just kidding.

    Great thought, bro. Love ya!

  4. Jereme Says:

    what!!? you don’t have any enemies… 🙂

  5. pastorrobin Says:

    i’m with jereme. who would be jacob’s enemy. poor person…

  6. KathySteele Says:

    Love these words, Jacob! I need to take your advice and look at things in a new light! I can’t imagine you having enemies, either.

    • jacob lowery Says:

      @kathy— i guess by enemy i mean someone that simply doesn’t believe in you or states that something can’t happen. i’ve learned that when i hear “you can’t…” i usually do!

      but i certainly don’t try to have enemies! i love peace!

  7. Bek Says:

    This is so great!! It reminds me of this quote:

    “Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.”

    There are those that we allow into our lives who cause pain. There are those who only bring love. Sometimes, we have to choose who we let stay and who we let walk away. All have impacts on our lives, in many different ways. All allow us to grow.

    I am thankful too.

    • jacob lowery Says:

      @bek- i want the ones that bring love!! but i have found that i respond well to people that tell me i can’t do something– and i believe those people are allowed into my life to push me… glad you read this!! thanks for commenting

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