tv christians (re-post)

i have decided to post some of my old blogs on here…. this one is from august 31, 2007.  i must have been mad.  


i’d like to send out a big thank you to the “tv” christians that represented us so well last week… know the ones that i’m talking about…..i know that seems a bit harsh—i have prayed for them and i am sorry for what they are having to go through…..but please let me vent…..We’ve all seen them on tv (go ahead and admit it) talking about the power of God……they put on this invincible front and act like all is well…..i’ve heard one of them rattle off a world record amount of cliches (i am the head and not the tail…i am the front and not the back….i am above and not below…etc…etc)  …….and the other one is very bold, loud, and in your face about what to do when the devil comes against you… all seems so—unreal—-so—-un-do-able……then they get hit with horrible situations and the everyone begins to ask “how can this happen to them?”……ok….here is a plan….lets all just be honest when we get on tv…….try out this little speech…”i’ve had a crappy day.  my husband and i are having problems and i just don’t know what to do…i’ve prayed but i feel like God isn’t listening….anyone have any thoughts??” ….  No more fake stuff… more emotionalism… more creating moments…..just lay it out there and deal with it before all that you stand for is ruined….people will listen if you are honest….we are tired of hype and golden furniture…..


10 Responses to “tv christians (re-post)”

  1. Andrea Scheefer Says:

    I second this!!!
    How about ALL “ministers” just bein’ real???
    We’re all just humans, saved by the Grace of God..
    A line I enjoyed was…”While on the golf course with the Kings of ministry…”
    I mean, really???
    I’m tired… Tired of tryin’ to live up to the expectaions, not of God, but of our Ministry “teams”…
    They “encourage” us to “serve” and “give sacrificially” as they post their vacation pictures to all places beautiful, and wonderful!!
    Am I bitter???
    Am I angry?
    Maybe a little… But only from hurt… and that does NOT come from God… It comes from “pastors” with egos, who have so used church for nothing more than a business… a way to make money…
    sad, really~

  2. cbgrace Says:

    This isn’t just “tv” christians. It is the the Christian next door too. When asked “How is it going?” they say, “Great” or “Amazing” even though something crappy just happened. We all need to get real. Every service isn’t “amazing” some services are just services.

    We have confused “Hope” with “Faith”. Hope is good but it isn’t faith. We are fluent in “Christianese”…knowing the “right” thing to say. Hope is believing something good is going to happen. Faith is knowing that it is going to happen. It’s great to speak positively. But being positive doesn’t really make anything happen (sorry Norman Vincent Peale). Faith is based on knowing who our God is and knowing that He loves us and He is for us and NOT against us. It is truely trusting in an ALL powerful God.

    As far as those “tv” christians go…I would like for someone to stand up and speak truth instead of saying what everyone wants to hear.

  3. Grana Says:

    Well spoken, Jacob! People, preachers included, need to be real.

    I think that there are alot of people who need to hear the “Summer on the Mount” series that we are hearing this summer—based on the “Sermon on the Mount” that Jesus taught. If we all lived by these principles, it would truly be a “different” Christian world. You can hear it by going to and hearing past week’s sermons. It is down to earth and real.
    May God touch us all with a “true awakening”.

  4. Daron Says:

    Yep! Ats about the extent of it!

  5. jlbarber1979 Says:

    great post man… I can definitely relate. There is this great prank call a guy does to the 700 club on youtube. He calls in scared to death that Orlando was going to be destroyed because of the Gay and Lesbian agendas. When he called in he was told to calm down that it was going to be all right, and that Pat Robertson was telling them not to freak out, but that he would be safe because he was a child of God. Pretty funny stuff! Great post Jacob!

  6. Elizabeth Wharton Says:

    I love the quote I saw…”Jesus is cool, but Christians scare the crap out of me.” Nobody is impressed by plastic people.

  7. Rob S. Says:

    Spot on. Chip Ingram ( has been all over this as well.

  8. Jereme Says:

    yep…you sound mad 🙂 I’m just tryin’ to figure out where you’ve seen gold furniture on christian tv…? 😉

    3 things: (I know, I know…i always make lists; but at least I didn’t say anything about “the bottom line”)

    1) television, while useful in a lot of ways, can never replace actual relationship/discipleship. just because they’re watching doesn’t mean that they are changing…

    2) I am convinced that the only way for christianity to redeem itself in the eyes of people belonging to generation “X” and younger, is for us to stop asking them to change…and realize that we must change first. It is time for a reformation…

    3) I think the key element of this reformation will be the shifting of the church’s focus from the “gifts” of the spirit…to the FRUIT of the spirit.

    we have said that we must “win the world” in order to change it…but I say we must CHANGE the world in order to win it. and the change must start with us…

  9. Rob Steele Says:

    They are charlatans, purveyors of snake oil, hypocrites and need to read Matt 7:21-23. Christianity is about servitude, but instead of exemplifying that concept, they prostitute Jesus message for personal gain and will be held accountable for the damage they have foisted upon our creed.

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