michael’s heart

the michael jackson deal has really made me sad. 

(i’m going to exclude all of the bad parts of his life in this blog.  i’m gonna choose to only think about his good stuff for now.)

i can remember my sister charity and i sitting on my bed holding a HUGE radio and listening to see how many times that the station would play “thriller” in an hour.  sometimes it was 6-7 times in an hour!  

his music is tied up into so many of my memories.  i listened to it endlessly.  the melodys.  the arrangements. the instrumentation.  the soul.  it is simply timeless music. 

i am sad.  i am sad that he didn’t get to “come back” like he was trying to do.  it would’ve been AMAZING to see and hear.

but i think that i’m more saddened by the fact that no one cared enough to help him.  it seems like he was surrounded by “yes” people.  enablers.  it seems like he didn’t have anyone that he was accountable to.  no one that would say “hey mike—that is a bit crazy.  maybe you shouldn’t go down that path.”  

i know that he was “supposedly” on all kinds of pain meds and that is what caused his heart to shut down.

i think that it is more poetic to think that he died of a broken heart.  

longing for his dad to love him.

longing for belonging.


16 Responses to “michael’s heart”

  1. danette Says:

    so….it seems he belonged to the world but it wasn’t enough. do we really have more of the need to belong and be special to those around us we who we think of as special??

    very, very sad to think that he did die so broken with so many wonderful opportunities behind and still to come.

  2. Dana Mason Says:

    Greatly appreciate your thoughts. I concur! Michael was the best at what he did. The man created the culture of pop which now transcends all genres. A lot of todays music (secular) is just residue off of his career and talent.
    I’m not a fan of some of the things he did. But, if the world would have turned the volume down on the tabloids they would’ve heard Michael screaming for help! He’s greatly missed!
    God Bless
    Pastor Bruce Mason

  3. Daron Says:

    The man was a musical genius, and he was treasured by God! It’s a sad reality that people sometimes never fully realize the latter in practical, tangible ways! Knowing the Father’s heart is foundational for all else. Without resting in that reality, the soul is forever floundering in the hopeless sea of performance and distorted perspective.

  4. charity Says:

    When I heard the news .. I wept.

    So many of my memories have his name written all over them. I hear “Bad” .. and I can smell our living room at Christmas .. when you opened up that red jacket. “Human Nature” puts me in an oldsmobile … playing “the song game” with Bev & Hope.

    I have only good thoughts about this precious genius.
    He will be missed .. and loved forever.

  5. Kathy Steele Says:

    Ok, music lovers, he was very talented. I will definitely admit that.
    I agree that he needed someone to show him Jesus, but maybe he did and he did not choose to go that direction. That would be a story no one told.
    After sitting on a jury of child sexual abuse (2 weeks ago) and being a mother and grana, I can never overlook the overwhelming negatives in his life to praise the talent.
    Yes, he was talented, but there is more to life than talent alone. Just thought I’d share a different perspective.

    • jacob lowery Says:

      i totally agree kathy. there is soooo much more to life than talent.
      i think that michael jackson had that “so much more”. but it was never brought out due to the lack of accountability in his life.

      i hope that he was not guilty of the horrible charges that were brought against him. the court system found him not guilty–and lets hope that they got it right…

  6. Melanie Says:

    Very well spoken…my sentiments exactly…thanks for sharing your thoughts on this controversial issue.

  7. pastorrobin Says:

    Ok, here is my 2 cents:

    what my mom (Kathy) said is so true and I think that is what the fans think is so sad. I have always thought, “what if…” the fact that he died and it appears my “what if..” never came to pass is saddening.

    As humans, we are totally amazed by the talent itself because we don’t have it and we haven’t seen anyone else with it.

    On the other hand, Michael Jackson’s talent doesn’t impress God because God gave him that talent. However when the talent is used for the kingdom, then God is honored, worshipped, and the kingdom is established on the earth. As John Ragsdale says, “It BLOWS up!”

    If I give my son $100, I am not impressed that he has $100 because I gave it to him and I have a lot more than the $100 in my bank account. However, how my son uses the money I give him catches my attention.

    We can not judge the situation because we don’t know the secrets and the intent of the heart. Only God in His wisdom has that ability and responsibility.

  8. Post from Jacob Lowery « Robin Steele Says:

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  9. Mark Rockeymoore Says:

    Michael’s gift was love. Arrested in development, mentally, at a young age, he was misunderstood. He was cleared of all charges and, as Pastor says, he has to answer to G-d for anything beyond that. Thanks for the wonderful msg, Jacob. Miss your music! 🙂

  10. ob Steele Says:

    I never listened to his music so I can’t speak to his talent, but if Jacob says he was talented, he was talented, Jacob is the pro. But talent or not, his affect on my life was about like a pimple on my butt, that is to say, somewhat irritating and quickly forgotten. So instead of mourning Michael’s death, I wish instead to salute Jacob’s life, a man who is giving his natural abilities and talent for the Kingdom of God. Even though musicians sometimes use their different approach to life as an excuse to do weird things, Jacob hangs out with his family and loves on Jesus. That’s inspiration to me and what real heroes are made of.

    • jacob lowery Says:

      my goodness rob!! thanks for your friendship and great words.
      i will live off of this comment for at least 8-9 months!!

      i’ve never had the “pimple on my butt” comment on my blog before—so thanks for being the first!!

  11. lorawilliams08 Says:

    My thoughts….
    I also grew up loving Micheal Jackson’s music and I’m also sad about the way his life turn out to be. But, as for the cases against him the parents of the children should be held accountable for their children.

    As being a mother and a survivor of abuse I wouldn’t dare leave my kids at anyone’s home I don’t care who they are.
    Secondly I would want him to do time not just receiving money for the possible hurt he “may have”caused.

    Thirdly his life shows us that as parents regardless of the status; we are held accountable for the brokenness and hurt that we allow or do to our kids.

    I truly believe a lot of his way of coping and the choices he made was base on the foundation he had. And how critical his dad was towards him affected the way he viewed himself and the world.
    that’s my 3 cents…………………

  12. Kathy Steele Says:

    You are a good mother, Lora! You have learned your lessons well!! Congrats on overcoming bad situations—through Jesus all things are possible.

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