everybody loves raymond

my mom and dad (raymond) are selling their house.  for sale by owner.  the potential buyers gave them a $1000 deposit while they get through the contract and inspection phase.  i was listening to them talk about this stuff and my mom said “well even if they back out we can still keep their $1000!”  then my dad quickly replied back to her, “i’ll give that back to them.  i wouldn’t dare take their money that way.”  and that was it.  

a flood of memories rushed through my mind about the generosity of my dad.  raymond lowery was the town barber in DeQuincy LA for 38 years.  he worked tuesday through saturday.  6.30 am til 8pm.  he was funny, fun and trustworthy.  i can remember people coming to our front door many times and asking for mr. raymond.  i’d go get him and hide out so i could listen.  most of them were asking for money to pay the electric bill, rent, water, car—whatever.  i’d watch him sneak away and come back with something to help them out.  he never boasted about what he had done.  i can remember a single mom with three kids that needed a car.  suddenly one sunday at church she appeared with a new car.  i recently found out that he was behind that.  heck–he worked his butt off to support all of us–but he never passed up the opportunity to help someone that needed it.  that was the example i saw growing up. selfless to a fault.  and i think that it is a pretty dang good way to live. 

i think that this explains why i get so upset with people that have the power to actually help people and DON’T.  people that have the means but keep them.  people that have ways to change someone’s life with one phone or with one pen stroke.  i can’t understand why a person would be that selfish.  

i’m glad my dad set this example for me.  i like giving away stuff.  my time–my talent–my money–i’m a sucker for it.  

i believe that when he is gone on to heaven that he’ll be remembered for this way of living.  living the selfless life. 

selflessness really seems to be fading away.  especially with this “spooky” economy.

i choose to keep it going.  thanks dad.


14 Responses to “everybody loves raymond”

  1. Kim McNicholas Says:

    I enjoyed this blog..it reminds me of my own Dad, who’s been gone for a couple of years now..he was the same exact way..I can remember the same kind of countless stories…’selfless to a fault’…maybe it was their generation…
    maybe not…maybe it’s just in ones character…it’s nice that you’re able to see the incredible value in his actions and aim to reflect them thru your own…I have no doubt you will keep it going…

  2. cbgrace Says:

    As I was reading, I thought this might explain your hair. 😀 Your dad sounds alot like mine…a man of integrity with a heart of complete generousity.

  3. Mark Johnson Says:

    Thanks for sharing, bro! You got it – Time, Talent and Treasure are the greatest gifts we can give to others. I’m blessed to call you friend. Love ya main.

  4. rodneypaul Says:

    i can confirm everything in this blog is the absolute truth about “Mr. Raymond”. Having grown up in his barber’s chair for many years, I can attest that he is one of the finest, most generous Christian men that I’ve met. Even to this day when I run into him he makes me feel like we are best friends or even one of his own.

    Jacob, he is definitely a member of that breed of “real men who live their life as Jesus did (unselfishly)” that seem to be fading as generations pass. As I was reading this and it reminded me also of my dad in the fact that when something “moves” dad the first thing he does is open his wallet. (I wonder if this has everything to do with the more than blessed life you and I grew up with…)

    Dude, we have HUGE shoes to fill….I believe these guys live the life that they do because they want to show the same love that Jesus has shown them to others…. thanks for this blog, man…..i needed to be reminded of the legacy we should be leaving.

    • jacob lowery Says:

      @rodneypaul right on man. lets keep it going. and you’re right. we lived such a “more than blessed” life due to our fathers love, hard work, and Christ-like natures.

  5. Daron Says:

    Great blog, my friend! What a legacy we’ve had passed on to us by incredible fathers! May we keep it goin to our future generations! Love you, bro!


  6. Dawn Mayo Says:

    Gosh we Love your Dad..thanks for writing this. We are so blessed to see him & the way he is every week. With his warm smile & always willing to lend a helping hand I always knew he would prob. do anything for anyone. My girls also love your mom just as much..Olivia who is Sophia’s age was lucky to be around your mom more than church since the girls were together alot before they started school. She calls both your parents Mami & Papa. They both will always hold a special place in our hearts.

  7. Jereme Says:

    I love Bro. Raymond…he’s good people… 🙂

  8. Hope Says:

    Okay – so I’m finally leaving a comment. While I was reading this blog Sunday morning before going to church, I was so thankful that I had not already put on mascara!!! LOL! He always did give money to people. I can see him slipping in and out with that money bag under his arm. What is amazing about all of this is that we weren’t wealthy. We had what we needed and some of what we wanted. We definitely lived a very blessed life! I now realize that we were blessed because Daddy had a heart to bless others. It wasn’t always financially – it might be free haircuts at the nursing home, free “haircuts” to overgrown lawns, or remembering a name along with a nice, firm handshake! The thing that we were taught was that people were important – no matter who they were, where they lived or what they did or didn’t have. That’s a legacy of service – a legacy of a servan’t heart, which is not selfish. Thanks, Daddy! and thanks Jacob for sharing your heart. By the way, keep your money, but I’ll take some of your time and a lot of your talent!!
    Now, what are we gonna do about Momma???? LOL!!! I love you!

  9. Georgie Says:

    So True – and I have been a recipient of his generosity over and over again. He does have such a giving heart. God Bless You Raymond

  10. Rob Steele Says:

    Bro. Jacob, you are a blessed man to have a dad who lived the teachings of Jesus instead of just talking about them.

  11. Stephanie Lester Says:

    I love reading this about your dad and partly because I can totally relate. My dad was the same type of man and still is. I think of what Jerry and Hope teach about “blessed to be a blessing” and my dad and yours seem to be the epitomy of that. It makes me proud to come from that type of environment. I hope that one day my kids will say the same about Darin and I. Pay it forward!

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