blindly stepping

blindly stepping.

thats how it feels sometimes when you are on a total faith journey.  blind steps into the dark.  you never know what type of ground you’ll land on–or if you’ll land on any ground at all.  

the past year and a half has been the most beautiful, romantic, scary, and inspiring time of my life.  it has made me a better husband, dad, Christian and musician.  and it is all because we simply closed our eyes and said “we will follow”.   

we will follow without the promise of anything.  no albums to produce.  no sessions to play on.  nowhere to lead worship. nothing.  nothing but a blind step into a gigantic ocean of possibilities and a gentle push from the Holy Spirit.  

i think about my dear friend James Owens.  he left his lifelong home in Louisiana to do something new in Austin, Tx.  he and amanda felt the urge to take the faith dive—and they did.  i’ll go ahead and say that where he works now has improved by 200% (no joke) since he stepped on board.  it had to be hard—but he heard the call and he didn’t ignore it.  way to go man.  

if you feel that push do not ignore it.  you will only grow more and more frustrated if you do choose to ignore it.  that push is for a reason.  

remember….when you jump–don’t forget to enjoy the dive.


17 Responses to “blindly stepping”

  1. charity Says:

    i am so .. trying to think of another word besides PROUD .. ok.. I am enchanted, delighted and fascinated about what God has done in your life.
    it’s it wonderful when you step out in faith .. and you don’t drown .. you swim. (deeper than you’ve ever been) love ya lil bro.

  2. jacob lowery Says:

    way to go charity!! making me cry!! love you too.

  3. JudyKing Says:

    Jacob – you have become an awesome swimmer in the ocean of faith. I just want you to know that many people love you…and that includes me. Your selfless sharing of your amazing gifts has touched the hearts of many. You brought comfort to my Daddy on his daily drives to Radiation and then as he battled to the end with his cancer. Your music was always within his reach to bring him comfort. For that, I’m forever grateful. Swim on in faith my brother knowing you are loved and appreciated.

  4. jacob lowery Says:

    wow JudyKing. that is overwhelming. so glad you let me know that about your dad. i’m glad that he and i got to bond.

  5. robinsteele Says:

    Jacob when you left, I was battling the flesh and rejoicing in the spirit. I knew because of my training and scripture that you were making the right move. In the flesh, I was ticked for a few minutes and then sad for a lot more. I don’t think we ever graduate from taking these steps of faith. It seems like when we have learned to swim in certain waters, God calls to deeper depths.
    Blogs are so cool because they connect us in ways that we probably would never get to one on one.

  6. jacob lowery Says:

    thank you for going thru it with me—and helping me now robin. leaving there was the toughest thing to do ever….but it has been good for everyone–including the san marcos church. so many leaders have come to the forefront now that i’m gone—and they never would have if i’d stayed there. God is so cool.

  7. jamesowens Says:

    With us both being “Blind Steppers”, others could say we’re the proverbial “blind leading the blind”. In this case, I’m cool with it.
    Your words are soo kind. I really admire you and Lori for your faith step decision you made last year. I’m committed to the journey and I’m thankful you’re there with me. Love you my dear friend!

    • jacob lowery Says:

      @jamesowens— since we are blind steppin’— i guess we should be 3 steppin’ too..???

  8. RobSteele Says:

    Jacob, You might be surprised to hear it but you and Lori inspired me to step out myself. Not from a physical location but from a place in the spirit. Thanks for your leadership. Of course I’m still mad at you for taking the kids away but these things work out.

  9. beverly lowery Says:

    a good mans steps are ordered of the Lord, even when he cant see. But the real star of this journey is Lori. What an awesome help mate God gave you. i love you Lori and thanks for loving Jacob


    Brother Jacob, hello from the Rincon Fmily in Colorado, We know what you are speaking about because I have followed Him many times, in the stories that I shared with you at group. But, now with my age and the times i am following again with complete faith in Him. I have bought a Body Shop and am running it, with all of it expenses and paying of my techs and so on. As I drive to work every Morning, my Prayer is always to give me a light to follow so that everything would be Blessed by Him. Then as I drive into the Shop Property, I park and walk the fence line and pray for the business everyday, and surrender to what he will bring in that day. I Miss you and your Family Brother. Pray for me I need all the Prayer that I can get with this new business, and all the pressures. I know that theLord will lead and I will follow just need His hedge of protection and guideance threw the dark places.
    Love ou Brother. GOD Bless you and yours. Always Prod of my Brother Jacob!!

  11. johnrags Says:

    once again…
    great writing.
    get a picture on your blog.

  12. Kayse Says:

    J, when I read this, I thought of a quote that we keep on the fridge by Patrick Overton:
    “When we walk to the edge of all the light we have and take a step into the darkness of the unknown, we must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for us to stand on or we will be taught to fly.”
    Dude, you’re flying! 🙂

    • jacob lowery Says:

      @kayse thanks girl. just know this–if we are flying then you and matt have provided lots of air under our wings with your friendship.

  13. Hazel Morris Says:


    I’m up studying late and found your blog. Amazingly it brings such confirmation as to where I am in my journey with my Lord right now. Thanks for sharing and all I can say is: Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus!
    The past two years have been the most fulfilling and blessed time for me in my whole entire walk with Him, and I have repeatedly shared with others that blind faith has thrust me into another dimension with God! God bless you for taking the leap knowing that He will never let you fall!

    Love and miss you mucho!
    Sis. Hazzel

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