you think you really know me.  

actually its not true.  the me that you used to see was “me” because of you.

acting like a little tool that helped you with your plan.

but when i looked in the mirror it was more than i could stand.

fear was the great motivator— and love couldn’t make a sound.

and when i finally spread my wings you were nowhere to be found.

all your little robots are created to fall in line.

but when they leave you scowl and say “they weren’t worth my time.”

so thanks for showing me the “me” i shouldn’t be.

fear is good but i have to say that love just can’t be beat.


12 Responses to “robots”

  1. Lane Says:


  2. Elizabeth Wharton Says:

    that’s so good

  3. Daron Says:

    Sweet Communication, dude! I’m in the floor….prostrate!

  4. Hope Says:

    I know that’s right! No more Mr. Roboto! It really is sickening in a way to look back and see how robotic it all was – and fear was the lifesource for the robot. Man – The whole time you’re thinking (no way that you’re saying out loud!) “there’s got to be more than this” LOVE does make the difference. LOVE does cover a multitude of sins, allowing us to continue with our lives, our mission, our purpose. Fear only stops us in our robotic tracks…
    So, LOVE is the winner. What I want to know is “Do you believe in love?” Hey, that’s a great song that a great artist decided to put on their great project! If you don’t have it, YOU NEED IT! and you can get it by visiting itunes. PowerSearch Your Song by Jacob Lowery.
    Jake – you know I LOVE YOU!!

  5. jacob lowery Says:

    thanks for the plug big sis.

  6. Barber Says:

    Great post Jacob really enjoy the message from this piece thanx for posting

  7. joshuasthoughts Says:

    I always find it awesome when I hear a service at another church was along the same lines as my Pastor spoke, then even more so when thoughts of others are in line with what I am feeling at the time as well. We are all in the same service, all one body, it all boils down to who is really listening? I wonder what the body would do, if we all did?

    Thanks for the confirmation Sir Jacob. Sure miss those big manly hugs.

  8. jacob lowery Says:

    miss you too joshua… glad to hear from you bro.

  9. pastorrobin Says:

    Jacob has a nice manly hug, that is for sure!

  10. Rob Steele Says:

    I agree about the hugs, as long as you stick to the guitar and stay off the keyboard!

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