church workers

this is to all of the church workers out there. easter sunday is coming up folks.  i did it for 11 years.  i can hear the boss man saying it–“EASTER SUNDAY IS COMING!  it is the biggest day of the year!”  and he is so right.  so here is the juicy nugget of wisdom (that was learned from ignorance) that i have for you.  

don’t.  just don’t.  i know you want to, but just don’t.

skits, dramas, new songs, new formats, new dances—don’t do it.

the goal for easter is to get people to come back.  don’t be something you are not on your biggest day of the year.  just be yourself.  do stuff that you know you can do well.  

pastors—communicate your vision for easter weekend to your staff NOW.  plan the weekend out NOW.  service format, songs, transitions, technical stuff, blah, blah, and blah—plan it out and practice it.  this sets your team up for success.  everybody wins.

music directors and worship leaders—-DO NOT DO A NEW SONG ON EASTER SUNDAY!  it makes everyone feel left out.  even if it is the greatest song of all time–don’t do it unless it is familiar.  not an exhausted song (lord i lift your name on high)– just familiar and fresh.  start doing that new song a month in advance so that your regular members will know the song and so that your band and singers can play it without their nose in the chart the whole time! 

my brother in law–Robin Steele– was and is so great at communicating and planning for easter.  we learned these lessons together.  each year we would tweak what we did, but in the end i think we found that being ourselves worked every time.

so.   300 words later…. here is what i want to say.

don’t re-invent the wheel on the biggest day of the year.

dance with the one that brung ya.


10 Responses to “church workers”

  1. Rob S. Says:

    I like this. After all, there is plenty to do without adding the need to learn new stuff as it is. Save yer sanity – go with what ya know! Thanks Jacob! R

  2. matt Says:

    every pastor or music guy that reads this….DO WHAT IT SAYS!!!….since easter is the biggest day of the year(attendance, offering, guests, etc), this is the greatest day for new guests, regular memebers, staff can come together and lift up THE REASON for easter in unity and not be entertained by caoss of a ‘new thang’!…
    be yourself!!!

    thank you jake for sayin this stuff….gr8 blog!!!

  3. Amy Says:

    Jake, great blog..NEVER have thought about it like this at all….but it’s so true..and Easter Sunday is always our biggest day of the year as far as visitors go….great great great thought!!

  4. pastorrobin Says:

    thanks for the props, jake! I would say that you should do fresh songs. My definition of fresh?? The third or fourth time you do a song is the BEST time. So plan ahead and do new songs before Easter. that way when Easter rolls around your team knows it well and the congregation is ready to sing loud!

  5. Hope Says:

    I am SO glad you said this! Does this mean that I can do “Jesus Rose” (Milton Brunson and the Thompson Community Choir) from 1990ish?? “…I got nothing to worry about – I got a right to sing and shout… ” Better yet – why don’t you come here for Easter and just take care of all of it – which would mean you would need to be here for at least the 3 weeks leading up to Easter. This is getting better and better!! I love you! And for all of those that have the need for drama – that’s usually just what it is – drama. Unless, of course, it lasts for more than an hour – then it’s trauma. Just say no. Go ahead – practice – NO.

  6. jacob lowery Says:

    drama=drama. good point Hope. and eventually drama=trauma.

  7. pastorrobin Says:

    So true, Hope!!!

  8. Deano Graham Says:

    I’ve felt this way for years. Very good thoughts.

  9. Lane Says:

    Best advice I have heard in a while.

  10. ericasteele Says:

    that deserves at least one lap around the church!

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