seed character

in january i heard scott jones say this and it really messed me up.  “the character of a seed isn’t determined by what you plant it in.  if you plant an apple seed in rich, fertile soil or in a bag of trash—it will still be an apple seed.”  the man is deep!

i’ve often wondered how that different people raised in the same environment can end up in such different life paths.  is the character of the seed determined before the seed is planted?  

your thoughts please…


20 Responses to “seed character”

  1. heather Says:

    I guess I agree to an extent… but this is a fireplace and a conversation about an hour away from you…

    Nature vs. Nurture…
    Genetic Mapping…

    I definitely lean toward the genes being the file cabinet–choices help you fill it.. but the file cabinet-was built with you in mind.

  2. Mark Manuel Says:

    The seed will always produce after it’s own kind. Apple seeds will only produce apple seeds. The environment does matter.

    I’ve been tore up myself about the whole seed time and harvest issue. the environment seems to me to include several elements. The soil…we know that some soil produces various levels of harvest according to the parable of the sower.

    We know that Water or Rain is essential. We know that Sunshine or Light is essential.

    We also know that there are things that have access to our environment that must be held in check and constantly guarded and protected from. Thorns must be pulled out to keep the seed from being choked out. Those are things that will grow in your environment that are designed to discourage, misinform, and distract your focus.

    We also know that we must be on the lookout for birds, that will fly in out of the air and scoop down and pick up our seed and fly off. I think that may represent spiritual principalities that fly in and try to take your seed before it has a chance to be planted and buried in the ground. Maybe they are ideas and thoughts and whims that cause you to take your seed from being sown into what God has told you to do and spending it on something else.

    Just a thought.

  3. jacob lowery Says:

    DEEP STUFF!! dang.
    this is something that i think about constantly as lori and i raise three kids. each of them TOTALLY different. i pray that God helps us to be the “stable” soil that all of them need to grow into the beautiful person that they are capable of being.

  4. Rob S. Says:


    I love all of the above comments. My girls are as different as night and day, but they have had the same upbringing at home and church. Stability, security, and parents that understand the importance of developing their children biblically and spiritually as well as academically are key factors. The variables alone in determining a person’s final identity are enough to make your head spin, but that’s the fun of being a parent! Somebody said something about life being like a box of chocolates… 🙂

  5. jacob lowery Says:

    dang forrest gump!!!

  6. joshuasthoughts Says:

    That is a pretty neat thought. I am probably going to get a little off track here. There is no arguing the fact that an apple seed is an apple seed no matter where it is planted. By Divine plan we are all blessed with character or a disposition if you will, however it is what this disposition encounters and how it interprets these encounters that shapes its predominant attributes in my opinion. All of the underlying traits are never lost by any means, more so they are suffocated by the weight of the plight for mere existence.
    I have seen this in my own life recently, a side of me has come forth that I never knew existed. If you are ever lucky enough to catch me in my living room with my family on a Sunday night, you more than likely see me with a tear swelled eyes, as “Extreme Home Makeover” is starting. I cannot make it through some episodes without having to walk away and regroup. A part of me that only resurfaced after God peeled the layers of my mental onion back. This is a characteristic I know He gave me, one of compassion. However I also know that He gave me one of self preservation. Prior to this day in time, that one was the one that grew in strength, for it was needed most as far as my miniscule psyche was concerned. This I believe was caused by an interpretation of my environment. At some point and time in my life, I felt threatened by my environment, threatened enough that I could not allow or afford compassion to rule my decision, so it was overcome by self preservation. It was this self preservation that got me through by God’s grace until the garbage bag of a life that I was in deteriorated enough for my seed to fall upon the fertile compost pile of life, it was at this point that the rays of Gods glory shined down upon me, and what God had predestined from my mother’s womb finally sprang to life. All Glory to God.
    So in answer to the question, yes, in my ever so feeble opinion the character of the seed is determined before the seed is planted. However, it is like the old verbiage states, “it is not what you have, but what you do with what you have”. Or more so what God will do with what you have. (Been given).

  7. jacob lowery Says:

    nice. you didn’t get off of the point joshua! glad to hear from you. your words are always welcome here.

  8. lancebrook Says:

    Our personality is definitely part of our genetic makeup, I see it with my own daughter. It’s because that people are born so different, that they relate differently to their environment. What speaks to one person, doesn’t speak to the other person the same. The combination of internal and external forces, really define who we become over time.

    Character, on the other hand, is something that we lack when we’re born. Our predisposition to dishonesty, selfishness, jealousy, hate, etc. These are things that have to be removed from our heart of stone, as we begin to take on God’s character.

    Seems like I heard an interview on Focus on the Family, about the importance of relating to your children differently. You can never use the same approach twice, to help each one find their “treasure.”

    Good questions, and a lifelong challenge in parenting.

  9. danette Says:

    hmm. Agreed about the planting. It is the pruning and tending that changes it all. I see it in little children all of the time. All come into this world with great potential and then things either go up hill or down hill.

    Who’s tending you? Who’s pruning you?

  10. jacob lowery Says:

    very nice danette and lancebrook.

  11. KC Says:

    I gotta say in my experience it always comes down to choice. My Dad grew up with raging alcoholic parents. His brother died of alcohol poisoning at the age of 33…but my Dad chose never to drink. He always used to tell me that he was born with character and his brother wasn’t. I don’t know if I believe that. I think everything influences…where you are, who you’re around, what you believe and who you believe…but it comes down to what you CHOOSE. I have found that how I choose to REACT will determine the person I am….especially since I don’t always have a say in what has happened to me.

    Just my insignificant input…haha…

  12. JOON Says:

    The good book says “whosoever will.” I LOVE IT! Your boy Eckhart Tolle is certified goofy, but definitely onto something in his regard to the conversation of ‘pride’ and ‘ego.’ The most amazing part of life is that often times people take many different paths to the same destination.
    I just happen to be sitting in on a WONDERFUL series of sermons on the topic of “Election and Predestination.” The part that has stuckout to me so far is “Whosoever will…” Think ye on these things…

  13. Lori Says:

    rob s. must not be my dad. he doesn’t have 2 daughters.
    who is rob s?

  14. Kim Mc. Says:

    Since previous comments have covered alot of ground, I will just say this…the fact that you are even asking your initial question, has to be a pretty good indication that you both as parents must be on the right path…I do agree with a previous comment regarding ‘choices’ and also understand the huge significance of prayer for guidance in our lives…it’s the person that never gives thought to, or cares for the seeds in their garden that is going to get pretty messed up…sorry, guess I had more to say than thought!

  15. jacob lowery Says:

    you’re right kim mc.

  16. Hope Says:

    jake – it comes down to “WE DO WHAT WE DO BECAUSE WE BELIEVE WHAT WE BELIEVE” Even if the seed is an apple seed, if you BELIEVE you are an orange, you’ll try to be segmented instead of whole. You’ll try to do everything in your power to be something that you were not intended to be by justification through your actions. It goes back to fundamental lies that we believe – that God doesn’t love us, God’s ways are too restrictive, that God isn’t enough. All lies the serpent told Eve. If we believe lies about God that will lead to believing lies about ourselves – I’m not worth anything, I can’t help the way that I am, etc… If we don’t know who we are in Christ, then we believe lies about sin – I can sin and get away with it, My sin isn’t really that bad, I’m not completely responsible for my actions, etc….
    The truth is that – we are loved by God and can find our worth in Him. I want my girls to know the love of God – to want to fill that empty place with Him. I have to do all that I can to let them know that NO MATTER WHAT – God loves them and I love them. I pray that – even with their extremely different personalities- they will each have a love for His word and find their comfort in Him.
    And just in case you care what I think – I think you and Lori are GREAT parents! I’m so thankful she married you!!! What a beautiful addition to the Lowery family!

  17. pastorrobin Says:

    what about ‘bad apples’? where do they come from?

  18. Hope Says:

    Okay – this has taken a theological turn that I just can’t keep up with!! LOL!! All I know is that it only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch – or at least that’s what Grandmaw Avis said. Do apples come in bunches? Is a bad apple like a black sheep? Maybe we all need a little sweetner and bleach. That’s all I’ve got….

  19. jacob lowery Says:

    whoa!! hope! that was deep stuff.

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