the juice

i have several thought about the major league baseball and steroids issue.  i want you all to let me know if i’m WAY off here. 

1–why the heck is the federal government investigating this?  they are spending our tax money to find out if grown men that play a boy’s game for HUGE amounts of money were using drugs that were not banned by MLB at the time.  can’t they use this money for something a bit more productive? 

2-who cares if barry bonds, mark mcguire, roger clemens or alex rodriguez were using—it is their career and their legacy that they are fouling up.  and as i mentioned earlier—when they were allegedly using these drugs MLB did not have rules against using them.

3-if they did use them why can’t they just admit it?  andy pettite and jason giambi admitted it and now their names never get mentioned when this topic comes up.  just admit that you wanted to use a shortcut to get better at what you do.  all humans understand that.


as you can tell—i don’t give a rat’s hiney if they used or not.  i personally think that it is MLB’s fault because they had no rules in place about performance enhancing drugs.  they sat back and watched their sacred records get broken and by the time they did something about it, it was too late.  now the hall of fame voters are punishing the “users” by not voting for them to get into the hall.  that doesn’t seem right since none of them broke any rules. 

we have all taken short cuts to get better at something.  if we haven’t–then we’ve certainly thought about it.  i’d be willing to bet that if the juice would have been available back in the 60’s and 70’s then those guys would have been shooting up also. 

i’m not saying that taking steroids is the right thing to do.  i’m saying that these guys weren’t breaking the rules of their league—so don’t spend our tax dollars on investigating it. 

now then. i’m glad i got that off of my chest.


6 Responses to “the juice”

  1. Greg B Says:

    I’m with you…what’s the legitimate precedent for governmental investigations into sports? I know it started a while back, but it’s like everything else that the gov gets involved in…organizations, businesses, people in general can’t think for themselves, can’t regulate or investigate themselves…must have governmental intervention. So sayeth the prophet Orwell…

  2. jacob lowery Says:

    you are right Greg B. i’d be okay with letting baseball just hit rock bottom and then start all over. Government–please stay out of our sports!

  3. Jody Says:

    I don’t care what baseball players do…Bass players are another story. I sense some roid rage in this blog, Jacob. I know you just want to be an amazing bass player and all but you need to know that we all loved your playing the way it was just fine. You didn’t have to start taking performance enhancing supplements just to travel with PCD.

  4. Tanya Gotcher Says:

    I’m with you. You go Jacob

  5. jacob lowery Says:

    jody!!! you know that i’m naturally swoll up!

  6. Scott Enos Says:

    …but “the juice was worth the squeeze”.

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