it was a good day

today was a great day.  woke up with kids all over the place.  playing, eating, screaming and watching noggin.  that’s how we wake up at my house and we LIKE it.  started working on a track for my dear friend James Owens and also juggled the calendar for a while.  had a cup of coffee while i cooked turkey bacon, 2 eggs and 5 egg whites, a piece of wheat toast and a bowl of oatmeal.  had a second cup of coffee while i sat on the couch and talked with my beautiful lori.  it snowed for a bit.  around 1pm i headed to Jeff Balding’s house ( to record a few more things on John Ragsdale’s new album (  i brought my mandolin and my acoustic guitar.  i spent 4 hours doing mandolin parts on Rags’ album.  ouch.  it hurts to play those little strings!  anyhow—it was a blast as it is each time with Jeff and the parts turned out great.  i came home in the icy rain and ate dinner with Jessebeth.  everyone else had already eaten.  grilled chicken with rice, and edamame—and 2 strawberries dipped in cool whip.  

today was a great day.  it was busy.  it was full of love.  it was full of friends.  it involved coffee.  i woke up and i’m going to sleep with my family.  i thank God for days like today.  bring on more just like this one.


5 Responses to “it was a good day”

  1. andrea scheefer Says:

    love it Jake…. you’re awesome~

  2. Hope Says:

    Probably the only way that could’ve been better is if you were able to stay in pj-type clothing the entire time! So Beverly…. I love you.

  3. pastorrobin Says:

    to add to Hope’s comment….you need some FULL body PJs with feet in ’em. just like mine.

  4. pastorrobin Says:

    just catching up here. did you really eat “edamame” or not. because that falls under green veggie things, which, last time I checked was not something you would consume unless it was a green bean.

  5. ericasteele Says:

    that was me and not my husbands prior comment

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