The life of “The Dom”

i wrote this a couple of months ago on my myspace blog but i think it is certainly worth re-posting here.  please leave a comment if you know alan.


the life of “The Dom”

Count your words and make your words count. he never said it but he lives it. The Dom is Alan Barley from austin tx. one of the most sought after architects in america and one of the finest guitar tone crafters ever. he started pouring into me at the age of 19 and he is still doing it. i thought he didn’t like me when we met–but he was just waiting—waiting for the right nugget to drop on me. he has invested so much into me that i can’t even list it all. and not just me–tons of other up and comers that needed a push. his finger prints are everywhere—but you don’t hear finger prints–and you can only see them if you look real close. so for anyone that is lucky enough to be hanging out with “The Dom”, just hang in there. He will soon give you a short but sweet piece of advice that will help you be better at whatever you do. GOD BLESS THE DOM!


One Response to “The life of “The Dom””

  1. Carolyn Says:

    Every note he plays is worth its placement – very tight and daring. As close to the rim between here and the eternal as possible.

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