Tom Petty vs…??

i have been a Tom Petty fan forever.  I can remember as a kid thinking “this dude’s voice is strange, but i’m into it.”   Lyrically the guy is a wizard. Musically it seems so simple but it just pulls you in.  4 to 5 chords per song—max.  Over 30 years of being “good”.  30 years of being “solid” and “dependable”.  You know when you buy a Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers album what you are going to get.  Last year they played the Superbowl halftime show and it was amazing.  Not because of lights, or cool new beats, or creative samples—just 5 guys up there getting it done with good tones and good lyrics.

ok—now lets play a game.

Tom Petty vs  MC Hammer?     Tom Petty vs  Poison?  Tom Petty vs  New Kids on the Block?   Tom Petty vs Debbie Gibson?   Tom Petty vs  Clay Aiken (ewww gross)??  The list goes on, and on….

Hands down TP on each one.

But this blog isn’t about Tom Petty.  It is about being “good” and how it can sustain you.  This is about not giving in to trends that will change who you are.  Being trendy isn’t always the answer.  Being timeless is.  Do things that will last.  Do things that will go beyond this season.  Do things that are good.


7 Responses to “Tom Petty vs…??”

  1. andrea scheefer Says:

    Being trendy is never the answer……. Being timeless is irreplaceable… that is what makes one different…. trends change with each season…. trends are fair weathered…. timelessness is secure in itself…. unwavering…. that’s what I am striving for…. love your blog:)

  2. Elizabeth Wharton Says:

    I read this right after I read Ragsdale’s last blog. They weave together nicely…like maybe God is saying something…

  3. jacob lowery Says:

    He is saying something….i’m trying to listen!

  4. johnrags Says:

    love it. so true. this is where we are right now. i can feel myself returning to so many of my roots… by the way, i added your blog to the links on my site!

  5. pastorrobin Says:

    You are well on your way to establishing a quality legacy like tp. yours will be more eternally positive though.

  6. jacob lowery Says:

    i pray that tp will be in heaven!! (i almost inserted a “free fallin'” joke, but i thought better of it…)

  7. 8musicphreak3 Says:

    100% agree with this post. Tom Petty is timeless. Even though he released a good many albums before I was even born, I love all his stuff. His super bowl performance was legendary. He has so many hits that still play on the radio and so many people still listen to him. He has never sold out, he just never stopped doing what he loved and we all benefit from it.

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