crazy business

my brain is running like crazy. its way past my bedtime but i can’t settle down.  i know God is in all of this. so many wonderful connections have happened since we moved here. and yet i still find myself asking God “show me the correct path!!” but yesterday my dear, sweet 6 year old Jessebeth said something so beautiful. she was telling us how much she missed being in texas. how she misses her friends. then she said “ya know i think i figured out why we moved to Tennessee.” Lori then said “why Jessebeth?” Then JB said ” so that we could make new friends. if we would’ve stayed in Texas then we wouldn’t have all of these friends that we have up here.” there it is. it’s settled. we moved here to make more friends. it makes perfect sense to me! make relationships. nurture them and watch them grow. i’m not here to self promote. i’m here to make friends.


6 Responses to “crazy business”

  1. Daron Says:

    Good words, friend!

    The correct path is often times the one we walk all over while mistakenly thinking that we’re suppose to be searching for another. I’ve been bumming about a lack of opportunities, and maybe God’s saying, don’t worry about opportunities, focus on relationships. Dang it, I know this, but sometimes I need a reminder! Thanks bro!


  2. shellimerino Says:

    The “correct path” discussion has come up many times over the last year between my husband and I since we moved back to Montana. And now a year later, I’m seeing that God is in every small detail. We are “making friends” too in MT it seems…watching God open one door after another. JesseBeth definitely has the wisdom of God in her words. And as Daron said too, “The correct path is often times the one we walk over while mistakenly thinking that we’re supposed to be searching for another.” So true, so true…it happens to us all the time. God bless your family as you travel from one path to another.

  3. Steve Sensenig Says:

    Enjoy the ride, bro. If our experiences together in Austin taught me one thing, it’s that you can always be looking for something new and miss what you have right in front of your face.

    I hope to get over your way sometime and visit with you, Jereme, and the others who have moved up this way. I’m only about 4 1/2 hours from you — not sure why that seems to be such a long way to drive to visit some brothers! 😉 I just need to do it. Besides, you’d love my little girl — she’s a cutie!

  4. Elizabeth Wharton Says:

    I like that. It’s just as simple as that… Tell Jessebeth that God used her to speak to Miss E. Love ya’ll!

  5. Kathy Says:

    Oh, Jessebeth, she is such a sweetie! I sure do miss her and her lovable brother & sister. AND her parents, also.

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