finish line?

it seems that every finish line is the beginning of another race. you get one thing done and you automatically start chasing something else.  does this ever end?  or is this the vicious cycle that goes on and on until we take a dirt nap?  i’m not saying its a bad thing—i’ve just been wondering what it feels like to “arrive”.  now i know someone is gonna get super spiritual and say that God has it all in His hands and we should be happy to be running the race with Him.   I agree.  but you know you’ve felt this way too and if you say you haven’t then you are lying and you have other issues to deal with!!  

maybe the turtle had it right.  take it slow.  don’t run out of gas.  because when he finally got to the finish line not only was he the winner—but he also had enough energy to move on to the next thing.   i like that.  turtle style.  that’s gonna be me.  slow—steady—precise—conserving energy—and winning.


5 Responses to “finish line?”

  1. Jill Says:

    This rocks… I was just telling a friend the other day that I feel like everything is going so fast and I never can seem to catch up.. it never slows down, never stops…you never get to catch your breath…
    I like the turtle thing.. thats nice.

  2. johnrags Says:

    dang! leave it to you to break it down. you have the uncanny ability to do that with everything you do… and among your many other talents, you are a great writer.

  3. Steve Sensenig Says:

    from basset to turtle…i like it!

  4. pastorrobin Says:

    well said, STEVE!

  5. Hope Says:

    Reminds me a great old song: ” I can make it, my faith can take it. ’cause I’ve got Heaven on my mind……la la la laaaa la, la la la laaaa la (can NOT believe I forgot those words!) – Keep the faith until I cross the finish line” What would we do without the occasional McGruder song to just wrap up the thought?? Of course, I can go from that straight to “Lord, I’m runnin’ – tryin’ to make 100 because 99 and a half won’t do….” If the situation does not have a song to go with it, then it just can’t be termed a situation.

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