new stuff

i’m in my studio brainstorming about all sorts of stuff…potential albums, song ideas, guitar tones, studio ideas…but what i’m getting the most inspiration for is another album for me….yeah i know—the other one i barely out—but i’m already getting arrangements for new stuff…(keep in mind that it took a year to get the last one done!)…BUT the cool thing about the next “potential” album is that i want to rearrange old hymns and put my vibe on them….not overproduced at all…true to the lyrics but a fresh arrangement of each one….i’ve got a list a mile long already but i’d love to hear any suggestions you guys have…keep in touch


7 Responses to “new stuff”

  1. pastorrobin Says:

    what a privledge to post the first comment!

    my sons (and the rest of us) would gladly get another album from you. Your CD is the only one they request. UNCLE JAKE UNCLE JAKE!!

    do an old black spiritual. could be cool with swampy vibe

  2. lorawilliams08 Says:

    Good Morning Jacob tell the family I said hello.
    Dance with me is a great song

  3. april z Says:

    in the garden

    i dont think i posted the other one right?!

  4. Kathy Says:

    You mentioned when you were here about needing old songbooks. I don’t have enough to share, but I will be happy to scan & email you songs from the books I have if you want any songs that I have. 🙂
    Love you all!!!

  5. Amy Says:

    i have plenty of old songbooks if you need some..and HE WAS THERE ALL THE TIME…can’t go wrong with that one…especially vocally…

  6. Liz Says:

    Well Jacob i really enjoy listening to your new cd… but hymns are just not my favorite. Growing up Methodist … well, enough said there. John Wesley was the man of hymn writing. All my favorite hymns are more child friendly…. This Is My Father’s World … Tell Me the Stories of Jesus. These probably aren’t the hymns you need. But… ask your sister… she is my FAVORITE song GURU!

  7. Hope Says:

    How about “It’s All in Him” – page 68 in the maroon hymnal. ALL FOUR VERSES!! OR “Salvation has been brought down” – and you could do the trombone solo! Wah – wah- waaaaaahhhhhhh. OR “Somebody Loves Me” – ….you know – somebody tells me not to repine…. What is that?????

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